BASIC LOGISTIC SHIPPING, you have the support of our experts in foreign trade in order to coordinate of customs clearance, and procedures for the efficient realization of their export or import, as the case may be, always with the aim of providing the best service, our experts will ensure the correct application of existing laws on tax and customs matters. Thanks to our constant training, implement solutions customs in order to facilitate its operations in Foreign Trade.

En BASIC LOGISTIC SHIPPING, also advise you with the ultimate fulfillment of the requirements that need to export, import your merchandise, we support you in different areas such as: Certificates of origin and preferential agreements. Processing and document preparation requirements. Customs clearance of export and import shipments at any office, air, sea, border. We integrate the customs clearance for a door-door for reducing risks on Foreign Trade. Customs Clearance of all customs procedures.

Our object is to support you and help to reduce their supply chain in order to provide a service: door - door, because we have experts in customs operation so that you always have the best solution, and always informing at all times the actual status of your merchandise.

Coverage in:
Veracruz /Manzanillo / Altamira / Lazaro Cárdenas / Ensenada / Monterrey / Cd. Hidalgo / Nuevo Laredo / Aeropuerto Internacional de la Cd de Mexico (AICM).


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